Friday, March 5, 2010

Reves Doux Mes Amis!

If you haven't met, then please, introduce yourself-QUICKLY!

I just LOVE this website. It's a fabulously anomalous site to buy and sell things handmade. You can find everything on this site from handmade jewelry, to paper goods, needle crafts, hand-blown glass items, anything & everything for your wedding, the PERFECT gift for your family/friends and unique items for your home that you won't find in stores.

Nearly everything is custom made for you by artists across the US. One of the neatest things that I've found on, is the opportunity to commission artists to create oil paintings based on the picture that you send them-how cool is that!? Another great thing about is that you have the ability to directly contact all of the artists with any questions, thoughts or comments.

Heidi Devlin is an artist that features a delightful collection of her handmade pillows on, and I think I'm in LOVE! They are all custom made based on your requests, and have a wonderfully personal touch that you'll cherish forever. Perfect for anyone! Best of all, they're SO affordable! My favorite is the pillow-"Reves Doux"-which means "Sweet Dreams" in French. I'm so excited because Ms. Devlin just confirmed that she is going to stencil our little girl's first and middle name in place of "Mon Enfant!" What a perfect example of the wonderful benefit to being able to correspond directly with the artists!


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