Monday, March 1, 2010

Fighting the Ho-Hums

Never did I envision this blog falling victim to the pregnancy ho-hums; and thus it has. My pre-baby brain was full of creative ideas involving cooking and other such endeavors that challenged me during our adventure in Miami. And then 'it' happened. 'It' being the details involved in pregnancy that drive your husband to spend a little more time at the gym, and force his excitement with the weekend question, "honey, what needs to be done around the house today?" Needless to say, there have been moments of complete lucidity, and then those dreadful moments that bring you to tears when the cat sees a toy in the measuring tape as you try to get the length of the crib mattress for your mother that's creating a crib-bedding masterpiece.

With that being said, there really hasn't been a moment of calm in the 33 weeks since we knew our baby girl was coming. So, I feel inspired to share a few moments and convey that, really, my creative endeavors haven't ceased completely, nor has our active life in Miami-I've just struggled with the ordeal of making POINT A connect with POINT B to equal POINT C-the blog.

My cooking certainly hasn't been cut too short. After all, we all need a nightly hearty dinner. Per the request of the sweetest boy I know, I made a Hood family favorite for Valentine's Day-the Jello Pokey Cake. Smothered in strawberry Jello, this classic was quite delicious. However, I couldn't quite recall if it reminded me more of my summers at New Life Ranch or visiting relatives at nursing homes. Brian loved it-and that's all that matters.

I've been experimenting too, and come to a conclusion; one should NEVER make cinnamon rolls without yeast. Don't listen to the online recipe comments made, "a quick, Betty-Crocker-comparable Saturday morning treat." They just don't compete, and any palate knows the difference-even my baby girl knew the difference, in utero. I can't help but compare cinnamon rolls to a Tulsa classic-Petty's cinnamon rolls. DELISH.

One thing I love about Brian is that when he sets a goal-he always finishes it. His recent goal was to complete a 1/2 marathon prior to his daughter's birth. In typical Brian James fashion, one isn't enough of anything-so he finished two in less than a month-the second on a bum knee. The Chicago & Marine Corps. Marathons are now calling his name. Don't blame me if I like the runner booty that has come of this 'vice.'

One of the recent highlights of the past few months was the acquisition of our newest family member-Cimarron Grosvenor. He's the first born (10.11.09), and only boy, of the litter of pups that my mother and father raised-Clementine, of course, being the mother. From the moment I held him in my hands at 2 weeks old, I knew we couldn't live without him-disregarding that everyone said I was crazy for taking a puppy 3 months prior to giving birth! He has made a seamless transition to our life in South Florida.

Grosvenor is mild-mannered and loving, and he will make a wonderful gun dog with his desire for discipline and loyal personality. His maturity level, at only 5 months, constantly amazes me. He LOVES his daddy and LOVES to stand at my feet while I cook dinner-hoping for the occasional vegetable to drop to the ground. Daily, Brian and I comment on how fortunate we are to have such a wonderfully adapted, well mannered dog in our lives. The true test of his nature was proven this past weekend when he joined us for dinner at some friends' house that have a 9 month old baby girl, Olivia. Grosvenor was interested yet extremely gentle with her-I was a proud mom.

Finally, we're 33 weeks pregnant with our first little girl. Elated, thrilled, nervous and unprepared are a few of the adjectives that I could easily use to describe the feeling in these final weeks. But the most honest of all of the feelings that we presently have is BLESSED. She is healthy, kicking and announcing to the world that she will be here soon. I can't help but think about her growing up to be a woman, and with those thoughts, I recalled in terror, a comment that my father made to me (in anger and frustration, naturally) at the tender age of 17 that I haven't forgotten, "someday, I hope your daughter does to you what you're doing to me." I suppose I do have a few things coming my way...

A few questions that I'm asked regularly that make me smile are:
"Do you have any cravings?" Answer: no-but I really like chocolate in all forms.
"Is the nursery ready?" Answer: no, I'm waiting on my mom and mother-in-law to finish that up for me...oh...and sleep in the same room as the baby as well. Really my answer is: Nursery? Who can afford a third or fourth bedroom in Miami?
"How are you feeling?" Answer: there have been a few moments that I've really felt badly, but other than that, this has been a very easy pregnancy. I DO confess to complaining a few extra times when Brian comes home, though, for the sake of an extra back rub that night.
"Do you have a birth plan?" Answer: whatever my insurance says that it'll pay for. My birth plan (or whatever that is) = free.
"Have you and Brian taken any Lamaze classes?" Answer: no. I am also the girl that didn't take bridal pictures.
"Are you going to have an epidural?" Answer: heck yes. I'm not looking for a medal of completion. I got enough of those in elementary basketball.
"Are you ready?" Answer: what kind of a question is this? Yes, people ask this quasi open-ended question. Am I ready? Are WE ready? I mean of course we're thrilled to meet our baby girl in April, but when you're a first-time parent, do you EVER have any idea of what is REALLY about to change your lives? According to our parents, Brian and I have no idea about what's to come-and that's the exciting, thrilling thing about life! Yes, we're so 'ready' but then again, we have NO idea what's to come-that's why we're counting on the knowledge of our mothers-with collective experience from five children, they can help tell us what to expect. Love you RAF & JAH!

I'll keep you updated on the continued adventures Brian & I encounter. The support that we are shown THOUSANDS of miles away in Miami is continually humbling. Thank you. We love you.

Cimarron Grosvenor 2.21.10

A fun day at the beach!

First, and definitely NOT the last 1/2 marathon!
Grovie was Dad's BIGGEST fan!

33 Weeks folks!


  1. Mer, I love your blog and the pictures that follow. You will be a fabulous mommy and I can't wait to meet your beautiful little girl!Countdown time:)

  2. this made my day! love the photos. hang in there and know that you guys have lots of friends that are supporting you. i can't wait to see baby hood!