Saturday, March 27, 2010

Tulsa Time!

Only a few years ago I saw Jason Boland put on one hell of a concert at a fraternity party in Norman, Oklahoma in the pouring rain--and then proceed to down his sorrows and depression with a bottle of Jack with the hosts of the party. He was conflicted, sad and tortured.

Since that concert, Boland has lost 50 (or so) pounds, doesn't sleep with a bottle next to his bed and is a self-proclaimed man of God. His Johnny Cash-type 180 is seen not only in his actions, but reflected in the lyrics of his music as well.

The recent release of Jason Boland & The Stragglers' video just made my morning-Tulsa Time-you know, the old Don Williams tune made famous by Eric Clapton (that he apparently didn't even sing when his tour led him through Tulsa).

The combination of his healthy life, his newly found faith in God, his recognizable voice and a down-home song makes for an awesome 3 minutes and 51 seconds!!

I hope it makes your day too! Click on the link above to watch!

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  1. o.m.g. he's going to be in pawhuska for cavalcade weekend (largest amateur rodeo in the world)