Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Surprise! A Pea in the Pod!

Surprise! 14Chalgrin is back and ready to blog!

I know what you're asking..."well what the heck have you been doing for 3 months!?" My reply is easy and completely understandable-I have been growing a baby! Brian and I are four months pregnant with our first itty bitty baby Hood! This baby is a miracle for us in so many ways. God has been so generous with us, as there were many moments that we thought that we were not going to be able to have children.

I won't go in to detail regarding the first trimester of pregnancy, but I will say that you do NOT feel like a human being for weeks. Your body is flooded with Progesterone which makes normal tasks seem like climbing Mt. Everest, your rational thinking flies out the door and you're exhausted to the point that making lunch for yourself is daunting. It's absolutely incredible how, out of no where, the veil of first trimester symptoms are removed and you feel like a person again!

Brian was absolutely amazing during the first trimester . His patience and willingness to be the mommy and the daddy in the relationship was profound. He would come home, after a long day at the hospital, and make dinner, do the laundry and help with any needed task. Every day he reminded me why I love him so much and why I am so blessed to have found the most amazingly supportive and loving man.

We found out on Brian's 30th birthday (August 5th) that we were expecting, and on my 26th birthday (11.16.09) we'll find out if it's a boy or a girl! Every Thursday we move UP one week. This Thursday (10.29.09) we will be exactly 16 weeks pregnant (of 40 weeks total). We are absolutely thrilled!

I promise that this blog will not turn in to a 'mommy & baby' blog, but I did want to share our wonderfully exciting news. We couldn't be more thrilled about our mid April baby! I hope that you will forgive my short hiatus from from 14Chalgrin, but I'm back, feeling great and ready to talk about anything and everything.

The ultrasound pictures below are from our 12.5 week ultrasound!


  1. Yay!!! Congrats to you! There is nothing more exciting (and exhausting) than having a baby!

  2. Congraulations Mer to you and Brian! The pictures are great, and if I may be so bold, I am thinking pink;)

    I am quite good at predicting, and had bought Gianinna something in 'blue' before she gave birth, so we shall see how good I am (if at all) on 11/16!!

    I am very happy for you both.

  3. so in a few days we'll know if it's a baby boy or girl!!! how exciting!!!

    I have some things for you so it's a must that we have to see each other
    miss you!!

  4. by the way I love the sonograms! it's a beautiful miracle! almost unreal!