Saturday, June 20, 2009

Sleep Luxuriously

Leontine Linens was founded in 1996 in New Orleans, based on the belief that one's linens should be a reflection and extension of the person's personal taste and lifestyle. They produce some of the most beautiful monogrammed bedding that I have ever seen. LL uses the most indulgent products that you can find to produce embroidered, appliqued and quilted final products. They also sell incredible bath items, indulgent gifts and fabulously monogrammed napkins. LL offers their clients the opportunity to use their signature monogrammed collections or collaborate with their sales team to create their own personalized designs. There's no doubt that you'll be sleeping like royalty when the finished product is finally on your bed. 

Monogramming is a very sophisticated and Southern touch that you can add to nearly everything! I became addicted by to three-letter monogramming when we got married. We even have wine glasses with our married monogram and I LOVE them-we use them all the time! I can recall my first three-letter monogrammed item-my grammy made it for me when I was a little girl. She created a needlepoint pillow with navy blue letters on an ivory background-so beautiful and so special. It's an heirloom that I cherish. 

An individualized three-letter monogram should consist of the first initial to the left, the last initial in the middle and the middle initial on the right. If you want a three-letter monogram for a couple, the woman's first initial is on the left, the last initial of the couple is in the middle and the first initial of the man is on the right side. Don't let people tell you that the man's initial should be the first letter-it's not apropos. We might take the last name, but our name shows up first on the three-letter monogram-so take THAT boys!

Leontine Linens produces products that are heirloom quality. With heirloom quality comes heirloom prices. I've started saving money. I can only imagine how much my taste will change between now and when I've finally saved enough to make my first purchase, but it doesn't hurt to window shop! :) 

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