Thursday, May 14, 2009


I'm never on the forefront of technology, and I'm marginally savvy. I think that I was the LAST person (my age) to get a cell phone, and 'predictive text' was a perplexing concept. But recently a monster was created by my Mother & Father-in-Law, Clay & Jan. What's the monster you ask?? My obsession with their early birthday gift-the iPhone.

I was a CrackBerry fan-I loved it! Perhaps it was because it was that device that I mastered the art of predictive text. In my mind, there was no need to connect the CrackBerry to the Internet, After all, I was simple-I didn't need anything more than phone capabilities and texting (which defeats the whole purpose of even having the phone-I know!).

The last week in April, Clay showed me the powers of the iPhone, and I've been obsessed since. I LOVE IT! It has everything that I could ever want at the palm of my hands. When I get lost, I punch the MAPS application and I'm quickly reminded. If need to check email-I punch the MAIL application there it is-my email! It's fabulous! I'm a believer now-I have converted-I won't go back!

The best application that I have downloaded to this day is Pandora. Since I was a little girl, Country Music has been my music of choice. Living in Texas and Oklahoma provided me the chance to be in the MIDDLE of the exploding RedDirt scene. If Ragweed was playing-I was there. In South Florida, however, things are quite different. My only option is a lackluster station that repeats Rascal Flatts & Friends-gag!

Since I've discovered Pandora, the music from home is finally at my fingertips again! I love to plug my iPhone to the auxiliary in my car and listen to Stoney LaRue, Wade Bowen, Julie Roberts, Miranda Lambert, Cross Canadian Ragweed and Brandon Rhyder! It's fantastic-and it's a FREE application!

With that being said-I can guarantee you that I'm the only girl in South Florida jamming to the Julie Roberts station on Pandora. I laugh and think to myself as I sing out-loud to CCR's song, Number, "there isn't a soul sitting at this red light that has any clue who sings this song, and it's fabulous!"

I'm fully aware that nearly everyone that reads this has probably found the 'NEXT, NEW THING' for accessing their favorite tunes-I'm not at the forefront, I know. But thanks to Pandora, I now have a new favorite tool, the iPhone, and because of the iPhone I finally have access to my favorite genre of music that makes me feel at home, even when I'm 2,000 miles away!