Friday, April 24, 2009


Carolyne Roehm. She's the master of all things proper-home luxury speaking.

This thought is inspired by the visit of my wonderful mother and father-in law this weekend. We love to entertain, and it's especially wonderful when friends and family come to stay for a few nights.

Ms. Roehm has successfully reminded me that for the past year and a half that we've been hosting visitors as newlyweds, we've completely missed the mark to spoil our guests with sumptuous monogrammed toiletries, breakfast in bed, dupioni silk hangers and a fresh carafe of water to quench the midnight thirst. We're still on the newlywed budget, so it might be a while before those of you that visit might experience such extravagance (if ever), but at least we know what's befitting for our loved ones.

On any budget though, attention to detail is something that you can assure your guests. Maybe it's a little vase of flowers and clean, crisp sheets. In the end, you want to make sure your guests enjoy a wonderful night's sleep for the coming day so you can make the most of every moment together. After all, everyone, deep down, loves it when someone fusses over them.

Below are a few things that Ms. Roehm insists are necessary for any guest. Needle and thread for the occasional button that is loose, an alarm clock, pen and paper and any all-important toiletries that could have possibly be forgotten. She has a knack for making such simple items seem so necessary and so grandoise.

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